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PAA in 2019 for Digital Marketing Personalisation, Automation and AI led conversations (PAA) - winning formulae for Digital Marketing in the year 2019. As 2019 approaches, the digital marketing landscape is witnessing a dramatic shift. There are many new digital marketing

Challenge:Everyone knows that cancer is a deadly disease. Everyone is scared of it. But when it comes to Breast Cancer, this fear is missing. People are woefully ignorant or unaware about the Breast Cancer Detection exams. iBreastExam wanted to do

ObjectiveNakoda approached us with a simple precise objective – increase the brand engagement and create a higher recall value for the brand. As such, after many brainstorming sessions, we zeroed in on the idea of making a video for them as it’s the most

Challenge: Canapure is a Canola Oil brand fairly new in the market, making a name for itself. The primary objective or challenge was to make people aware about the existence of a healthy oil brand in the market. We wanted to

Challenge:iBreast Exam is an innovative and exemplary breast cancer detection device. Developed by UE Lifesciences, the brief was simple – to create awareness on breast cancer and encourage people to opt for an early breast cancer detection. The Problem: In the course

Challenges Given: Routes 2 Roots is a Non-Profit & Non-Commercial Organization striving to offer the knowledge of different forms of Arts like that of Dance and Music through digital medium by launching its first interactive classes for school children, known

Challenges Given:Mothers Against Flu (MAF), an initiative by Sanofi Pasteur, Indiawas willing to increase awareness about flu through Indian mothers. The mission of MAF was to spread awareness and provide mothers a platform to discuss ways to protect children. Solutions Adopted:•