Swad Zindagi Ka – Nakoda

Nakoda approached us with a simple precise objective – increase the brand engagement and create a higher recall value for the brand. As such, after many brainstorming sessions, we zeroed in on the idea of making a video for them as it’s the most consumed form of content right now on the internet.

Nakoda always prefers catering to family values and beliefs. Swad Zindagi Ka is all about valuing and celebrating little joyful moments of life. Be it a father’s hug or appreciation at work, anything that brings joy out of small (unexpected) moments in life describes “Swad Zindagi Ka” moment.

With Swad Zindagi Ka, Nakoda aimed at creating a direct and hearty connection with their audience. We helped them weave a story which was relatable, emotional and cute in nature which eventually helped Nakoda establish themselves as a family value brand.

The Swad Zindagi Ka Video

The Swad Zindagi Ka Moment Contest
As an extension to the video communication, we also launched a social media contest for Nakoda, where they asked people to share their favorite #SwadZindagiKa moments using the hashtag, and as a gratification they’d be giving one lucky winner a chance to RELIVE that specific moment and also a chance to feature in their next experience video. The campaign was spread across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The Result
Through #SwadZindagiKa moment contest, Nakoda received overwhelming entries from the participants where some of them have actually written 200-300 word stories to describe the best moment of their life.
The video crossed 2Lac views on YouTube within 5 days of its launch and the total views as of now stands at 353,735+.
On Facebook, the video amassed more than 19,000 reactions to date.
The #SwadZindagiKa campaign perfectly managed to extract the feelings that we all have for those little things in life that give us immense joys, thus making Nakoda a relatable name with happiness.

Canapure Canola Oil


Canapure is a Canola Oil brand fairly new in the market, making a name for itself. The primary objective or challenge was to make people aware about the existence of a healthy oil brand in the market. We wanted to pull their attention towards the health benefits of Canola oil.

Solution Provided:

The idea was simple – to make Canapure Canola oil your everyday oil for cooking. We Indians love deep fried snacks, so latching on to it, we developed an entire range of mouthwatering fried snacks made in Canapure oil. Targeting housewives, bachelors, health conscious people and fitness freaks to now enjoy their favorite snacks fried in Canola oil.

We started posting small DIY videos of cooking all these dishes with Canapure oil. Along with it, we targeted the essence of every Indian with #FoodsOfIndia – their home state food, food which they have loved and are missing it now.

The engagement was crazy throughout with total views on all the dishes reaching close to 15K on around 10 videos.



Do You Even Care? – iBreast Exam

iBreast Exam is an innovative and exemplary breast cancer detection device. Developed by UE Lifesciences, the brief was simple – to create awareness on breast cancer and encourage people to opt for an early breast cancer detection.

The Problem: In the course of spreading awareness, the main problem that we faced was that people had to be convinced to opt of an early detection exam. We had to make them believe that they needed the exam.



#DoYouEvenCare – We developed this concept to make people understand the importance of early breast cancer detection. Vulgarity/obscenity always catches everyone’s eye on social media. Whenever you mention boobs or something similar, you catch people’s attention instantly. We wanted a similar attention grabbing concept when it came to #DoYouEvenCare. We began our campaign one day prior to World Cancer Day with a post saying if you stare at these 2 dots for 30 seconds and then look at a wall near you, you’ll see boobs. And guess what, it worked the way we wanted. People started with the angry comments, laughed on us and continued to troll us. Little did they knew, we had done this on purpose with a single objective in mind – to grab people’s attention.
We let the trolling session continue for an entire day and then, on World Cancer Day, we posted a creative with the hashtag #DoYouEvenCare with the 2 dots right in the center of it. Our message was clear – you spent so much time looking at the dots and imagining things, you’d have taken similar time and effort in taking the women in your life for breast cancer detection. It hardly takes 20 minutes. Instead of arguing / trolling on social media for hours, do something worthwhile. Encourage the ladies in your life to opt for an early breast cancer detection exam. Show that #YouDoCare.
This was an amazing start to our awareness campaign and we followed it up with an engaging #PitchUpInPink campaign.

The results were amazing. Organically we got more than 50 shares. Reactions crossed 1000 organically within 3 days. The media led promotion meant we reached maximum number of people in a very short span of time.

Our motive of making people understand the importance of Breast Cancer was achieved on #WorldCancerDay .

Routes 2 Roots

Challenges Given
Routes 2 Roots is a Non-Profit & Non-Commercial Organization striving to offer the knowledge of different forms of Arts like that of Dance and Music through digital medium by launching its first interactive classes for school children, known as VIRSA. The challenge that was in front was of reaching young audience through Social Media platforms.
They wanted to spread the awareness of peace and cultural diplomacy and also wanted to impart the knowledge of arts through their first interactive classes.

Solutions Provided
On the digital front it was very important to tap into the right audience with right messaging. The art and dance classes organized by VIRSA are through some of the most renowned artists. These artists have good social media presence themselves, we tag them and their fan clubs to attract audience. Along with we attracted a lot of fan pages of Indian cultural & arts background who encourage such noble cause. We started posting small snippets on everyday basis to give a glimpse of classes so that people know what are we we proposing here and how people can learn through online platforms. Awareness is the key here as we want people to know what are these classes and how easy is to learn, you just have to give time. The response that we received was tremendous, people started watching these videos and inquiries started increasing threefold. We intend to keep doing the good work in the coming months as well.

Social Media Properties Managed: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Within 3 months we increased organic Likes on the page by almost 1500 +
Twitter and Instagram also gained close to 100 + organic followers.

Mothers Against Flu – Sanofi Pasteur


Challenges Given:
Mothers Against Flu (MAF), an initiative by Sanofi Pasteur, Indiawas willing to increase awareness about flu through Indian mothers. The mission of MAF was to spread awareness and provide mothers a platform to discuss ways to protect children.

Solutions Adopted:
• Reaching out to Indian mothers between 21-40 age group
• Building a community where users participate and connect than pushing data from brand
• Mix of educate and engage content strategy to attract TG to interact
• Created ‘9 Steps to Cure Flue’ audio-visual application to educate mothers about risk of flu

Social Media Management Properties Managed: Facebook and Youtube

Campaign Result:
• No of Likes increased from 0 to 52,000
• More than 10% organic growth of LIKES
• Approx 20% users participation on day-to-day basis
• Successful and eager crowd turned out in the on-ground events held in Delhi and Mumbai
The campaign also won 2 silver awards for communication and adaptation of New Media.