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#BreastOverRest – iBreastExam

Everyone knows that cancer is a deadly disease. Everyone is scared of it. But when it comes to Breast Cancer, this fear is missing…

Swad Zindagi Ka – Nakoda

Nakoda approached us with a simple precise objective – increase the brand engagement and create a higher recall value for the brand..

Do You Even Care? – iBreast Exam

#DoYouEvenCare – We developed this concept to make people understand the importance of early breast cancer detection.

Canapure Canola Oil

The idea was simple – to make Canapure Canola oil your everyday oil for cooking. We Indians love deep fried snacks, so latching on to it..


The challenge that was in front was of reaching young audience through Social Media platforms.They wanted to spread the awareness of peace and cultural diplomacy and also wanted to impart the knowledge of arts through their first interactive classes..

Mothers Against Flu – Sanofi Pasteur

On the digital front it was very important to tap into the right audience with right messaging. The art and dance classes organized by VIRSA are through some of the most renowned artists…