Board of Directors

Our Team

Dr. Ranjan Kumar – Director
Doctorate in music, is a well known name in the music industry. Professional violinist and music producer, Dr. Ranjan Kumar is known for his violin playing in ‘Hindustani Gayaki Ang’ (Parur msg style) by imbibing continuous techniques of musical richness by his guru Padamshree Dr. M. S. Gopalakrishnan.

Rajiv Kumar Sinha – Legal Advisor
Belonging to the Class of 2006, IIT Bombay, Rajiv currently serves as an advocate at the Supreme Court of India. He’s also a member of Supreme Court Bar Association, Advocate Association Patna High Court and International Court of Justice, London. He’s also a permanent member of IIT Bombay Alumni and The Bar Association of India, New Delhi.

Deepak Chauhan – Advisor
Founder at Smartstay, Deepak is a proactive leader and planner with expertise in building strong technology based business model coupled with the ability to drive operations, manage large teams and their performance. Being result oriented, dedicated and self-driven makes him an expert in his industry.