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Board of Directors

Founder & Director

Ritesh Kumar A seasoned marketing and communication specialist having experience in omni channel Media, Agency Marketing, Digital Implementation, Digital Advertising and Business Management for across Banking financial services, Agri-tech, EdTech, IT/ITeS, FMCG, Non profit Organizations, Consumer and Industrial product and real estate.

Coming from Journalism and Content (Financial, Community and General) background, he also has knowledge of the latest ad tech implementations like DV 360, Ad exchanges, Ad Manager, Analytics and monitoring tools.

A self-driven and growth-oriented digital marketing professional who aims to maintain and improve the P&L of the clientele through Digital Advertising and Business automation processes.

He is driven by the only aim in his life – “To develop skill sets to improve processes and bring in efficiency to the business through Digital channels and medium.

Vibha Gosher

With a proven track record as a digital strategic leader, Vibha Gosher possesses the skills and expertise necessary to drive marketing and digital growth strategies. She has successfully launched digital products, and effectively managed P&L at various organizations. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her ability to develop comprehensive marketing and creative communication plans that align with organizational objectives and drive business growth. By leveraging market research and data analysis, she has successfully identified new opportunities for expansion and developed strategic initiatives to capitalize on them.

In addition, she has a strong background in leading cross-functional teams to execute digital campaigns and product launches effectively. By fostering collaboration and leveraging team strengths, she has consistently delivered high-quality results within budgetary constraints. Furthermore, her experience in P&L management has equipped her with the skills necessary to make data-driven decisions that maximize profitability while minimizing risks. Her strategic mindset, leadership and proven track record of success make our clients constantly believe in Digitales.