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Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is not just animation and all animations are not motion graphics – this is what Digitales has been telling the world for a long time.

Though in the world of commercial designing animation is often referred to as anything that has a movement.

The basic definition of motion graphics is – Any graphic that has a movement.

Motion Graphics is about bringing the design knowledge to new mediums by adding the elements of time and space to it — i.e. creating movement. Digitales has a team of motion designers who study all types of movements, acceleration, and speeds.

They use their creative skills to put all these variables together to create design elements that are humanized and connect well with the audience.

The development of technology and the presence of screens in multiple devices have expanded the horizon of the usage of Motion Graphics. What before was used just to introduce technical information and set the mood for a story, has now become a story itself.

Digitales excels in the niche area of UX Motion Design. In recent years, with the mushrooming of websites and apps, the motion has been playing a significant role in helping build better interface experiences. Motion Graphics has become an integral part of the communication strategy – complex, story-driven ads, to simple animated Instagram posts. It’s a great tool for helping companies create a distinct identity.

User Interface

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