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8 Tips for Social Media Customer Service [Infographic]

Okay, it’s 2020, and social media platforms have now played a significant role in our interactive process for the better part of two decades. If you’ve not considered how your business can utilize social media for improved customer service and connection, it’s definitely time that you did, and the stats included in this infographic only reinforce the relevance of such.

Indeed, according to the data included in this new listing from CallCenter Hosting, 80% of consumers now use social platforms to engage with brands. Social media is faster than traditional telephone outreach, can be more responsive, and is available on the platforms where people are increasingly spending their time. In combination, the data shows that customers want your business to be providing some level of support via these networks.

It’s time to meet them where they’re at.

To help, the below infographic includes eight social customer care tips to streamline and refine your process.

Again, if you’ve not made this a focus in the past, now is the time.


Infographic lists social customer care tips