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Cross-app communication between Facebook Messenger & Instagram

Sticking to Mark Zuckerberg’s idea to integrate its apps in some way or the other, Facebook has rolled out new functionality. Why are we excited about this? Because now Instagram and Messenger users to communicate across apps.

So, how does it affect you?

Well for starters, on Instagram you will have an option to update to a wholesome new messenger experience. You would be able to change the chat colour, react with the emoji, set the messages to disappear, watch video and a lot more. You will also get an option to chat with your friends who use Facebook, with a notification from the app.

The idea is to encourage cross-platform messaging services. Thanks to this interoperability, the user would stick on to one messaging app. And while staying there, he can reach out to friends/family across the other platform. According to Facebook, this interoperability will work even if the user doesn’t have an Instagram account or vice-versa.

The Social Media giant is also contemplating to include WhatsApp into this experience to strengthen its market power.

Now comes a concern area – Privacy

It’s all fun to explore new features and integrate two messaging services. But what if you, as an Instagram user do not want to hear from any of the Facebook users? It’s been taken care of by an expanded set of privacy tools. You can reach the main Chats list and change the settings as per your requirements. You can turn this feature off as well!

While we were exploring this feature, there was a valid question – Is Facebook merging the inboxes?

Facebook has clarified on this that it is not doing so and thankfully so! In other words, as an Instagram user you won’t get to see your IG chats on Messenger or vice-versa. Your messages and call records will remain in the Instagram app. However, if the chats or calls were initiated by a Facebook user, you would see the records, if permitted.

This new interoperability feature can come handy to the users to reach their connections on other platforms. The industry view is a little different though. According to the insiders,  Facebook is trying to leverage market dominance to oppress competition. For a brand under the scanner of antitrust investigations, this update looks like a move that seems to snigger the regulators & authorities.