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Digital Video Advertisers Landscape India 2017

The current video landscape is being transformed by the confluence of technological innovations and consumer behavior shifts. As an industry, we have reached a critical inflection point to understand the on-going convergence between traditional TV and digital video ―what does video mean, what will it become, and how is video used to reach, engage, and drive actions. It is absolutely imperative to understand the complex and evolving ecosystem of video advertising to drive our perspectives and decisions on both the buy side and the sell side.

On YouTube’s platform, every channel is associated with a content category or genre. With YouTube India generating more than 350 billion views, in 17 different genres attributed by YouTube; it is hard for marketers and advertisers. And YouTube content creators to find/track the right type of channels or content creators for their upcoming influencer, marketing strategy, or just to track their respective competitors.

This is why for every month, Vidooly releases a comprehensive report on the YouTube’s landscape in India. The report has an analysis of the top YouTube channel creators from India with their overall viewership, subscribers and monthly viewership for 17 different genres.

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