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Instagram Addresses Questions on Algorithm, Comment Pods and Verification [Infographic]

This will no doubt be of interest, and will likely spark debate among social media industry watchers.

Back in October, Instagram launched its new @Creators account, through which it’s aiming to share insider insights and tips to help people make the most of the platform.

And in recent weeks, the account has provided some very interesting insights into the platform’s algorithm, common growth hacks like ‘comment pods’, how it assesses profile verification, etc.

This week, in particular, Instagram has sought to answer common queries around how its feed algorithm works – and while some of the answers it’s provided are not 100% clear (“We don’t universally favour photos over videos”), they do provide some pretty specific clarification on its rumoured workings.

The Q and As have been posted via the Creator account’s Stories, but we’ve compiled the responses into the below infographic to make it easier to reference.

If you’re not following Instagram’s Creator account, it’s may well be worth doing so (and thanks to Jack Appleby for alerting us to the most recent Creator updates).

Instagram Q and A infographic