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Google new rules and conditions for Google Grant Ad accounts were impacting all the accounts and were shutting down accounts that didn’t comply with Google policy
1) Paused all the campaigns that weren’t getting a high click-through rate
2) Checked that the most important campaigns (such as brand, shops, jobs, training) were all up to date and providing relevant information
3) Cleaned up the Sitelinks and made sure each active campaign had useful, relevant extensions
4) Checked that all the active campaigns were compliant with Google’s new rules (at least two Ad Groups per campaign, at least two Ads per Ad Group, no single keywords except for brand terms, etc)
5) Changed the bid strategy to the newly permitted Maximise Conversions on all the campaigns that were conversions-focused
1) By forcing us to be more specific and relevant in our keywords and targeting, Google has ensured that higher-quality traffic is coming through our Ads account
2) It may seem counter-intuitive, but the decrease in numbers has helped rather than hindered our account
3) Another interesting insight: in 2019, 85% of the traffic driven by Google Ads in 2019 was new to our website. This showed that the account was getting new supporters