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Triangle Physiotherapy

Most clients were being attracted through word of mouth and the team wanted to bring in new clients from different channels to increase their client base.
1) Increase inbound leads through digital marketing channels for different locations
2) Reduce marketing workload and stress
3) Increasing certain leads of a specific service like Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy for specific locations
4) Capturing the data and showing the ROI
How the objectives were achieved?
1) Creating location-specific campaigns and then paying attention to services at the ad group level
2) Optimization of Google AdWords accounts to increase qualified traffic flow at a reduced spend
3) SEO deliverables rolled out to increase organic traffic to reduce reliance on paid traffic
Proactively created and carried out clear marketing strategies to increase lead flow while reducing the need for the owner to be involved
Key Results:
1) AdWords cost per lead dropped from 34.05 CAD to $11.42-12.55 within 2 months
2) Organic traffic has increased by 21.48% with conversion rates from organic traffic jumping to 40.2%
3) Triangle Physiotherapy team was able to focus more on what does best, rather than chasing their marketing team to deliver what was promised
4) This also impacted the footfalls for all 9 locations