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Five Social Media Graphic Design Trends for 2020

Graphic Design trends come and go, but if you want to be ahead of your competitors in 2020, your Graphic Design must keep on top of the latest trends.

Here are some easy action tips and notes to help you update your social media graphics in 2020:


1. Muted Color Palettes


Muted colour palettes is an amazing trend to easily refresh and update your graphics. A muted colour is a colour that has black or white added to it so that it’s the opposite of vibrant colour. This can be an effective trend on social media, especially as it can quickly be applied to your headers and images.


2. Minimalism


Minimalism has been on the gradual rise for the past few years, with many techs & media companies using minimalist designs in their landing pages. But prepare to see minimalism take over social media in 2020. You can innovate this trend by creating clean social media graphics, and focusing on white space in your designs.


3. Branded Animations


GIF’s are the talk of the town on social media – so much so that they have just become part of our vocabulary. But GIFs and animations are still an under-utilized tool for branding.

Creating an extraordinary & branded GIF is an easy way to get ahead of your competitors in 2020. Not only will the GIF be unique to your brand, but it also helps build a better brand association.

GIFs can also be personalized for any situation, such as a follower milestone or the launch of a new campaign. You can also make custom GIFs on Giphy


4. Abstract and Dreamy Illustrations.

Illustrations have been popping up all over the place in the past few years – from Casper to Spotify, to tech giants Twitter and Apple. Think of abstract and dreamy illustrations as the opposite of realistic illustrations, with extravagant proportions and unique colour combinations. This trend can make wonders on social media, as it grabs attention quickly, and can encourage readers to stay & spend more time looking at your posts.


5. Heavy but simple fonts.

In the year 2020 lightweight, airy, and handwritten fonts are out of trend, and in their place, heavy fonts will play a crucial role. By heavy fonts, we mean fonts that fall under category bold to extra bold end of the spectrum.

Heavy but simple fonts are a great trend to use in your social media graphics. A heavy font can be an eye-catching addition to simple graphics and will work for most of the brands.

Hopefully, these tips will give you some more elements to think about in your content approach.

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