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6 Ways to Instagram Optimization!

In this digital era if you have the need to reach out to more people along with being aesthetically sound then there is no other platform better than Instagram.

6 Ways to Instagram Optimization 1 - DigitalesYou can easily attract a large number of audiences if you know how to use it but more importantly, you should know how you can use it to its optimum. However, if you don’t have the right tips and tricks up your sleeves then, there are chances are you might fail. But there is no need to worry. We bring to you the best and the simplest 6 Ways to Instagram Optimization by Digitales

1) Adding Links

The most effective way to link your products to your posts will always be adding links. Be it a post, story or in your profile adding links plays a very vital role when it comes to product linking. Especially it enables users to directly click on the link and land on the buying page. This will always result in a potential client to be converted to a buyer. The call to action plays a very vital role and adding a link is the basics of it.

For instance, you can add a CTA in a post that introduces a new product something like click the link in the description to get an exclusive discount.

2) Tag Products

Like we said before Instagram allows you to add links to your posts, which means that it is a great place to introduce your product. Some small scale use Instagram as their only marketing place that is they do everything on this platform from advertisement to introducing new products, services, etc.

Well if they can then why don’t you? Tagging the products is the basics of Instagram marketing and generally, every social media marketer would know about this and will always advise to tag products for better outcome.

3) Swipe Up Option On Instagram

6 Ways to Instagram Optimization swipe up - Digitales

Well, not every organic post can be linked to your official website. However, after proper verification and once you have a business account then the swipe up option gets activated. You can start linking your stories to your landing page. This kind of swipe up option has a better outcome with clienteles. This swipe up option directly lands the client on the buying page from where he/she can complete the purchase process.

4) Content

When marketing digitally we all know that the content is the King. Content always has to be short and sweet. It’s a world of images people generally tend to ignore long and boring content if written. The content always has to be crisp as well as witty. People like it when marketers are witty with them and then they have their own sets of reactions which indirectly converts into an engagement. This hack is used by Digitales to keep the engagement high as well as to keep the page lively.

5) Hashtags

6 Ways to Instagram Optimization Hash Digitales

One of the most important parts of any post on Instagram is Hashtags. This is a very unique way of Instagram to bifurcate the content into many groups. To appeal to a particular type of people, you have to use the right set of hashtags. The usage of the right kind of hashtags is always the tricky part. Generally, marketers with good experience have a knack for hashtags.

6) Influencer Marketing

There are people on Instagram who generally have a good amount of following. These kinds of people turn out to be influencers’ but to choose the right set of influencers is the trick. Brands generally only want to be associated with the influencer with great amount of following with the right target audience. We at Digitales not only find out the influencers’ with good following but also the right one with the highest engagement rate.