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Instagram Stories now with Quiz Stickers.

Instagram stories have gained popularity in recent years. Instagram was initially testing this feature in February. But they have now officially launched the “Quiz Stickers” feature for Instagram Stories. As you can see below in this image, the new Quiz Stickers provide another way to generate engagement. With Quiz stickers in your Stories, you get prompt feedback from your audience in a simple & interactive way.

Like this many similar options are already available on various tools. But currently, as Instagram stories are on the rising tides, many brands are looking out for other interactive ways to build engagement with their audience. This option proves to be of less investment and more creative. Also, it’s very simple to make on Instagram itself.


Instagram Stickers

Instagram has already rolled out ‘Poll Stickers’ in 2017, which is pretty much similar to this ‘Quiz Stickers.’ But in this feature, it adds a competitive element with options & also its fun to answer them. This could prove more useful in providing insights on how your company is progressing, which process or materials are profitable, industry trends and more.

This Quiz Stickers can be useful in many ways. Like you can use it as a lead-in for a new research report. For example – The first slide of the Instagram story with a question using Quiz Sticker and then next slide with ‘Want to learn more…’ swipe up link. Quiz stickers are available as of today by updating your Instagram app.

Users can add quiz stickers to their stories by selecting it from the sticker tray after taking a photo or video. Write your question and add between two to four possible answers. Select the correct answer and share it to your story.

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Do let us know your opinions after using Quiz Stickers in your Instagram Stories.