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#BreastOverRest – iBreastExam

Everyone knows that cancer is a deadly disease. Everyone is scared of it. But when it comes to Breast Cancer, this fear is missing. People are woefully ignorant or unaware about the Breast Cancer Detection exams. iBreastExam wanted to do something to help women overcome this fear and take corrective measure of opting for an early breast cancer detection exam. The challenge here was to make the audience believe that this indeed is necessary for women.

On International Women’s day, IBreastExam came up with a hard-hitting social media campaign that has been reverberating since. The campaign has urged all women to go for an early detection of breast cancer. A powerhouse in true sense, women have been inspiring, powerful, and successful in all walks of lives. We are who we are today because of her. She has won battles against all odds, how can we see her lose this battle?
#BreastOverRest campaign is grabbing eyeballs for all the right reasons. The video will bewilder you at first but eventually it will shake you up and force you to choose #BreastOverRest always!