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ROI Centric Digital Campaigns!

As the world is evolving and moving towards the digital era, brands, right from FMCG to Heavy Machinery are moving with the flow. It’s a mandatory change that we are evolving in else our product will become obsolete. To gain most out of it, there are a few studies of trends to it which every marketing professional should be aware of. There are some basics that every marketer should be asked to perform within. Let’s look at a few points that we need to keep in mind while presenting a digital campaign, for instance –

Identification of Platforms:

For every marketer, it’s very important that he understands the perspective of the product as well as audience outcome. What will work and what will not  – These points should be clear enough with logical reasoning. This first step will be the crux and the pillar for a successive campaign and will derive ROI.


Setting Targets:

For every campaign, there is a cost to it and to justify, it we will have to derive targets to know if the campaigns are working towards its optimum use. Every marketer needs to set the target to have a fair understanding of the campaign performance. It also helps in building the trust factor between the client and the marketer.

Campaign Optimization:

Every Ad campaign has its own growth trajectory and pace. But to track it is one of the most important tasks while it’s performing. The marketer should always be prepared to make a few minor changes to optimize the campaign to its optimum potential.

Monitoring KPI:

A key performance indicator always keeps the interaction clear between the client and the marketer very clear. After setting the expectations right and complete clarity on the campaign part, it’s important to set the KPI (Key performance Indicator). This helps clients know what is happening and the reason behind it. In conclusion, this helps clients justify the cost that is going out.