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What is Facebook Blueprint?

Mastered all the basic essentials of Facebook? Want to learn more ? Then Facebook Blueprint is for you! Not sure about it? Let us make your mind for you.

What is it?

Facebook Blueprint is a free programme which provides training & certification on marketing on Facebook & Instagram.

Want to learn the best practices that are essential to your Facebook & Instagram marketing ? There’s Blueprint e-learning for you.

If you wish to get certified and check your skills, there’s Blueprint Certificationwhich checks your understanding of Facebook marketing services & products.

Need someone’s help Live? There’s Blueprint Live where an in-person workshop where you can discuss and understand about Facebook marketing.

Blueprint Stats

It has more than 75 free courses.

There have been more than 6 million course enrolment.

More than 2 million people have participated in it.

Available in English, Korean, German, French, Indonesian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese and Simplified Chinese

Certifications & Exams

Once you’ve gone through all the course material, you can take two certification exams based on your needs:

The Facebook Certified Planning Professional – This is for the digital advertising professionals that have experience in handling Facebook ad campaigns. One must have shown competency in various Facebook functionalities like page management, ads and its targeting, best practices, measurement solutions. Basically, one must be an expert in handling all of Facebook’s marketing services.

Facebook Advertising Core Competencies – The holder of this certificate must be proficient in complete aspects of Facebook ads like managing, creating, and purchasing Facebook ads, the ad auction, ad KPIs, Facebook Pixel and SDK, being able to leverage consumer insights and the Facebook ad product catalogue, and, lastly, troubleshooting ad issues.

The Facebook certification exams are monitored and take up to 75 minutes. These certification exams are targeted towards persons who have at least 6 months of experience in handling digital marketing via Facebook.

You can learn more about Facebook Blueprint here.