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5 Ways to Monetize YouTube Video Content

Everybody loves to watch videos & only source for online videos is none other than “YouTube” itself. What if you could make your own videos & upload them on Youtube? Can you Monetize YouTube Video Content? Have you thought about working with a sponsor? The answer is YES!

Video sponsorship is an amazing way for YouTube channels to generate supporting revenue outside of AdSense. Video plugs and mentions are the most common type of sponsorship integration on YouTube. As the channel host, you introduce the brand to your audience.

In this article, you’ll discover five ways YouTube creators can earn money with video sponsorships.


Reveal Products via Haul Inclusion –

This type of mention is most common with YouTube creators in the fashion industry. The channel host will show the clothing & fashion accessories they brought back from their recent shopping trip and talk about those items, as well as the sponsored product.

Show Off Products via Routine Inclusion.

This mention generally takes place when the host exhibits how they perform their daily routine chores, such as start the day with any special meal or prepare for a workout. The presenter will seamlessly add the sponsored product into the routine with some positive talking points.

Mention Products in Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, or End-Roll Segments.

These mention categories are the most typical. The channel host will cover about a particular product or a service in a separate segment from the video’s main content at the beginning (pre-roll), middle (mid-roll), or end (end-roll) of their video.

Dedicated videos are completely focused on the sponsor by featuring creative input with the brand’s products. Here are the different types of dedicated videos:

Product Reviews

If any brand has a product that’s a new entrant in the market, sponsoring a review video is a unique way to raise awareness. Consumers often derive their purchasing decisions on the opinions of trusted YouTube channels. Review videos are extremely effective in the long run because consumers who search for brand’s product review on Google or YouTube (the second-largest search engine) will come across the videos the brand sponsored.

For example, there are many YouTube Content Creators who review mobile phones & other technological devices. There is one such famous guy named Gaurav Chaudhary a.k.a “Technical Guruji.”


Produce a Creative Dedicated Integration Series

If brands have the budget, they may want to invest in long-term branding with dedicated video integration. In this situation, the creator often will give the brand more control over the video’s ideation and production process. While this strategy isn’t always the best option to drive short-term sales, if executed properly, it will increase brand equity through YouTube search results for years to come.

Now that you know the main types of YouTube sponsorships, here are some tips for seamlessly integrating sponsorships and capitalizing these opportunities.


Firstly, aim for focus on growing your channel first

If you’re still getting started on YouTube, consider keeping your sponsorships to a minimum, if you do any at all. you’ll still earn some money from the Google AdSense program when they’re able to serve banners on and around your video, or if your videos are eligible for pre-roll ads.

Viewers understand this kind of monetization and believe that Google is responsible for these ads being there. That perception shifts greatly once sponsorship is involved within your content and you’re the person making the pitch about a certain product.

While you’re up and increasing, focus on putting out engaging content that your YouTube audience will love. The money will come in time, but revenue is significant only if you have a sizable audience. If you alienate your audience early on with too many sponsorships or irrelevant ad mentions, you’ll miss out on much greater long-term potential because you chased short-term dollars.


Find Sponsorships That Align With Your Channel Content

When you take on sponsorships (especially if you’re a newer YouTube channel still growing your audience), do the best you can to make sure the sponsor’s offering aligns with the type of content that your audience associates with your channel.

For instance, if you have a channel about fashion, mentioning a fashion brand is probably a great fit in your video. However, talking about a food chain would probably not be a good fit. Unaligned sponsorships feel forced and will come off as dishonest to your audience.

Video sponsorship is a great opportunity for creators to earn supplemental revenue. However, remember that your audience always comes first.

Make sure that all the content sponsored or not aligns with your channel and integrate sponsorships as smoothly as possible into your videos. Modern consumers are perceptive to how genuine a YouTuber is, and a biased product review could destroy your trust.

What do you think? Are you all set to monetize your YouTube video content? Have you tried a video sponsorship on YouTube? Are there any sponsorship types missing from this list? Let us know in the comments below!