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Big Feather Entertainment

A 360° full-service entertainment agency, Big Feather Entertainment is a client that aims to spread high and wide across all the verticals of the event, entertainment and corporate industry and aims to be the pioneering brand that comes to mind when one thinks of entertainment.

What we did –
Understanding the entire business model of the client we realized that helping the brand in daily social media handling will not be enough. This business structure is far cluttered and the competition will be high.

To tackle the same, we at Digitales decided to rework on the entire brand, giving it a personality, branding the look and feel, bringing uniformity on the brand page, creating engaging and entertaining conversations on social media. We also deep-dived into the key stakeholders for the brand, understood what they expected from a brand of this space and delivered the same via personalized conversations on social media, optimal media planning to reach the desired TG and create a conversation going.