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A 360° full-service entertainment agency, Big Feather Entertainment is a client that aims to spread high and wide across all the verticals of the event, entertainment and corporate industry and aims to be the pioneering brand that comes to mind

Inkcasa being an Online Interior Design Company, they have a series of digital requirements.So we handle social media marketing along with that, we make sure that the brand has an impeccable digital presence which helps them in their goal of brand

Mother Dairy, a Canada based dairy products brand recently went through a major rebranding and they chose Digitales to help them achieve the same. Right from giving the brand a new look to redesigning its entire product line; we made sure

Canapure, a Canadian canola oil brand, has been with us for more than 1 year. The main focus for us has been to communicate the healthier aspects of using Canapure canola oil. We've seen a marked positive response towards Canapure

UE Life sciences' flagship product iBreastExam is the most innovative life-saving device invented in recent times. The objective for them is crystal clear; make women and people in general aware of Breast Cancer everywhere. Some of the most successful campaigns

Trigyn being a listed company we had provided a deep online cleansing of their reputation after their scuffle with the income tax department. We had minutely scanned their digital presence and helped them rebuild their brand online. Being a listed company we