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Top Web Series you can Binge Watch like, just now!

I know how it feels if you live life weekend to weekend so if you are just another lazy ass like me who likes to binge watch you can thank me later!

If you forgot we had a list last time as well!

Binge Watch Netflix

Brooklyn Nine – Nine

You know what sounds perfect after a short, untiring and totally wasteful day is an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Cop stories are dope man… And whoever cracks the code “Cool, cool, cool, cool… cool.. cool… cool… No doubt… cool… No doubt… No doubt… cool… cool… cool…”
Gets a free Netflix subscription from Jake!

The Brooklyn Nine-Nine All Action Trailer

Cricket Fever : Mumbai Indians

Not many people know about this but the Behind the team – during an ongoing season – making of the season culture, was started by Amazon. After Amazon’s successful stint with Being Champions and All or Nothing, Netflix had to come up with something as impactful and what’s better than the Mumbai Indians, owned by the richest family in India. A team that has won 3 IPL titles and one of the richest team in terms of endorsements. That’s what I call the perfect Binge watch material.

Cricket Fever - Mumbai Indians | Official Trailer

Conversations with a Killer : The Ted Bundy Tapes

Dark, disturbing and sometimes even curious – that was my take out from this series. How low can a man’s ultimate desire lead him and how much is he willing to go along to prove he is innocent even after confessing to such horrible crimes. Intense, complicated and interesting.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Stranger Things

With an amazing background score and the 80s setting, the show just transforms you back in time. Dark creatures and magic mixed with alternate dimensions make this a brilliant watch for all sci-fi fans! And oh, the kids acting in it are adorable.


Are you feeling a little low? If yes, then Crown is the best thing that could happen to you. A struggle nobody acknowledges is acknowledged here. Crown is so much more than just a story. I already feel empowered!

The Crown | Official Trailer | Netflix


The title doesn’t suggest much excitement but all you social stalkers out there, admit YOU are one. ‘You’ has some crazy things stored in for you!
Stalkers you will go bonkers. 😛 (Pun intended throughout)

Binge Watch Hotstar

Mega Icons

Does anyone know how a Dalai Lama is selected?
And why he stays in India?
And how did a monk became a world icon?
This show is a story which needs to be heard and needs to be watched. All the icons in the episodes have life inspiring stories to narrate. You might be familiar with Virat Kohli or Kamal Hassan’s journey but this goes beyond the social convention. It goes really inside in the making of these icons. Binge watch it with your parents introduce them to the concept of web series.
P.S. – Favourite episode – Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

Virat Kohli on Mega Icons | 24th September at 9 PM

Hell’s Kitchen

I hate Gordon Ramsay because I feel he is way too over the top with his reviews but I understood one thing with Hell’s Kitchen is that this over the top attitude of his makes him one of the greatest chefs in the world. A must watch for all the foodies out there.

Hell's Kitchen Season 13 Trailer HD - September 10th 2014 - Fox

True Detective

Got hooked up with this series with its first season, Woody Harrelson; Matthew McConaughey was too good. Season 2 disappointed me big time but it was a passing by season which I watched anyways but boy oh boy season 3 is just evil genius. If you are a fan of the Dark world and love psychotic thrillers this one is a must watch. Mahershala Ali has given a performance of a lifetime.

TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3 Trailer (2019) Mahershala Ali, HBO TV Show HD

Koffee with Karan

Watched all the episodes till date & I’m saying this without a drop of shame. I actually love KWK & it is actually a fun watch.  Give a shot with any Deepika Padukone’s episode, damn she is too gorgeous and intelligent. The way she speaks about a lot of things is absolutely admirable. But without a doubt, I would say I may not have gained or learned anything with this but it is fun and sometimes you just need ice cream and an episode of KWK.

#KoffeeWithKaran: Alia Bhatt & Deepika Padukone

Binge Watch Amazon Prime :


A hidden, almost unrecognized series which you need to watch like right now!
R. Madhavan has delivered his best acting performance and I watched some of his Tamil hits as well like Alaipayuthey, Irudhi sutra and Kannathil Muthamittal. Not a bold statement, it’s actually very good.

Breathe - Official Trailer 2018 (Hindi) | R. Madhavan, Amit Sadh | Amazon Prime Video

4 More Shots Please

A series where characters speak more than the stories is a lost concept. You give lesser known faces a strong character to play and when they nail it. It’s the same thing with 4 more shots please. It has everything you can ask for, quite enjoyed it actually! Bold. Unapologetic.

Four More Shots Please | Official Trailer | RATED 18+ | Prime Original 2019

This is Us

Now this comes from a popular opinion. Hello sweet couples, you know This is Us is just the perfect blanket you need to shield your relation from unwanted coldness of the air conditioner. Just the perfect warmth that you need in life. Watching This is Us made me write this! :/

THIS IS US - Official Trailer - NBC Fall Shows 2016

All or Nothing (Manchester City)

When they say a game is won in the moment, I don’t believe it not after watching All or nothing. It took me no time to get hooked to it. Football lovers, general sports lovers will actually be able to see what happens in the locker room before and during the match which you never get to know.

All or Nothing Manchester City | Amazon Prime Original Trailer

Young Sheldon

Sarcasm and Sheldon go hand in hand since years now. Young Sheldon is just the cherry on the top. Just when you thought nobody can replace Jim Parsons bang came Iain Armitage, the best casting coup that could ever happen. If you enjoyed Big Bang trust me Young Sheldon takes you to another level and you actually get to see of a lot of references of Big Bang. Bazinga!

TVF has been creating a lot of amazing content that you can binge watch on. We all need some good quality desi content too, right?



Yeh Meri Family

Tech Conversations with Dad

Permanent Roommates (Season 1)

Humorously Yours.

And many more..


I know as a societal pressure prevails we have to behave and improve our actual social life by interacting with people but I don’t feel like doing it 95% of times. So for me, this got me through and it will take you through as well.