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What is love?” is one of the most searched for terms in search engines. The conclusion of the Study is that “happiness is love”. It showed that warm relationships are the best basis for health, wealth and a long life.

Bolo app is the latest Google has released (which translates literally to ‘speak’ in Hindi) which has been designed to help children learn both Hindi and English. Bolo works without an internet connection, making it much more accessible once downloaded even

WhatsApp has actually reached everyone! Is there anyone in your family circles or even work circle, not on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp world is truly here! The most favoured text chatting platform for everyone, all you need for it to work

To make better hires at a digital marketing agency has always been a challenging job. An agency churns out trained products (on-job) every 9 months and for boutique size agencies, it becomes impossible to hire a trained resource from the

Did you check your WhatsApp before you started reading this? Chances are that you did! WhatsApp has eased our communication and how! This quick & easy to use instant messenger app has some awesome features that offer a rich messaging

Content, Content & Content are the 3 things which the Digital World. Is what I believe! So when it comes to strategizing for the brands I work with I always refer to my "Alchemist" Aka "Content Promotion Guide" Today I will help

Shopping on the Internet has just become easier! Google has this week has announced a new product discovery option which will enable brands to reach consumers who are searching via Google Images. The new "shoppable ads on Google Images" will enable businesses to