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What’s Up with WhatsApp for Business?

Did you check your WhatsApp before you started reading this? Chances are that you did! WhatsApp has eased our communication and how! This quick & easy to use instant messenger app has some awesome features that offer a rich messaging experience. Now with WhatsApp for Business, this ubiquitous app has now made its way into our workplace as well!

Are you wondering how this app that is used by literally everyone on this planet can help grow your business? We’ve got the perfect guide for you right here. Read on:


Activating WhatsApp for Business

  1. Download WhatsApp for Business from here
  2. Register your mobile number that you intend to use for business. If you want to use your existing number, you can use that too. Note that one number cannot be used for both personal and business accounts.


Profile Set-up

Here you can add your address, business category, business description, e-mail and website.


Set-up Messages

This is an important step that you need to take care of before you start using WhatsApp for Business.

Away Message

If you get a lot of messages and are unable to respond to them in time, you can sue this option to send a reply back every time you get a message. You can use this when you’re occupied in a meeting and are unable to respond back.

Greeting Message

Whenever someone sends you a message for the very first time, you can greet them with pre-decided text message that you can save here. This lets the person know that you’ve acknowledged their message and is a polite way of letting them know about how you can help them in their business.

Quick Replies

One of the great features of WhatsApp for Business is quick replies based on keywords. What you can do is assign a message to a particular keyword and then when you need to send that message, all you have to type is a slash(/) and select from the list of messages.


Track Statistics

WhatsApp for Business allows us to monitor the statistics. You can track and measure interaction rate, daily visit status, customer queries, etc. and modify your strategy accordingly.


Use Labels

Labels let you organize your chats so you can access them later easily.


How to Use WhatsApp for Web?

Now that you’re done with the initial set-up of your WhatsApp for Business account, let’s take a look at how you can leverage this medium to grow your business.

Initiate Conversation

The most important use of WhatsApp for Business is that you can share your number on various mediums like Print ADs, hoardings, online ads, etc. The interested customers can reach out to you and initiate a conversation with you regarding your product/services.

Real-Time Customer Service

Small businesses can least afford the CRM set-up that is needed to handle customer queries but with WhatsApp for Business, this can be done easily. The small team can reply to any queries that the customer has. Since the medium supports rich media, you can even use pictures, videos and audio messages.

Customer Support

A small business can create presentations for customers, how-to videos and solve their general queries over WhatsApp for Business easily rather than over call or personal visit, thus saving precious time & money.

Promotions & Offers

The status feature can be used to let everyone know about the promotions or offers that are on offer at your business. These can be easily noticed in a group. Apart from the status, you can message people regarding the offers as well.


Well, there you have it. Go on and get started on setting up your WhatsApp for Business account!

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