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Content Promotion Guide With Free Tips

Content, Content & Content are the 3 things which the Digital World. Is what I believe!

So when it comes to strategizing for the brands I work with I always refer to my “Alchemist” Aka “Content Promotion Guide”

Today I will help you out with some effective and free tips for content promotion.

Are you ready, to deep dive with me in the ocean of unlimited knowledge once again? I know you won’t… Who am I kidding!

If you want a heads up and stand smarter in a brainstorming session, these babies will help you out! 😉


1) Research Well :

Being unprepared is the least I do. But I think it is the most critical aspect of any brainstorming session. Well, it is time-consuming and a boring task but trust me if you the past you can change the future!


2) Go Video :

Today videos are the most reliable and most convincing method of content publishing. So when you are writing a post or have a thought in mind, just think can go with a small video idea for the same. There are millions of apps out there to help you out. #SayNoMoreToDesignersLaw


3) Co-Creations :

If 1 Nutella brownie is awesome, think about Nutella brownie with Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate Sauce on the top.

Ok gone in another world. But you get it right?

Co-creating helps merge to bad ideas into a good idea or 2 good ideas collaborate to make 1 Zhakkas idea.


4) Include fans & customers :

The best way to appeal to your audience is to make them a part of your brand. Use them in your posts and copies and you will see the magic yourself.


5) Be Topical :

When it comes to cracking at the current topics you need to be upon your toes always. Sometimes you have to go with the instinct that if every topic has to be handled or not. But trust me, if you are handling a brand for close to 2 months, you get a fair idea on which topics will suit with the brand or otherwise.


6) Be good on headlines :

Every post of yours gets only a fraction of the second attention from your audience. Make sure you make the most of it, give time to your headlines and make them attention seekers. Arouse curiosity. Promise benefits. It just should be like salt!


7) Try your hands on Infographics:

People literally go Ga-Ga over these tiny yet extensive knowledge blocks. It is a hell lot of time-consuming but trust me, nothing like completing one infographic with good statistics and elusive design.


8) Use Emoticons:

Only restricted use allowed, don’t take my headlines to heart. The point being, that it is ok to use emoticons once in a while to just refresh your content.


9) Be funny:

See, it is not easy to being funny and annoying together. But the world already is on fire, let’s put water on it, not fuel. Being funny doesn’t mean disrespectful, it simply means you look the world with a different point of view. One which is free, happy and flourishing!


10) Be mention bothered:

May it be a small or big brand it is always good to know what your audience thinks about you. You can know this with the help of various tools which I will definitely mention in one of my upcoming blogs.


Well, I have a lot of tips upon my sleeve but as my fictional godfather once said: “If you are good in something, never do it for free!”
Well, this blog is neither good nor I have more tips. I just wanted a Joker reference somewhere!

And if you did find something which can help you, here’s a small gift which also can help you in building audience on social platforms.