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Traffic needed on social? Read this 5 tips!

Traffic on social, atleast in India has not reached the expected mark yet. There is always this struggle to get more and more traffic on social platforms being a social media manager myself I understand the challenges which come across on every chance. But as what experience stands for, I have reached a certain stage when I can atleast suggest few tricks which worked for me.  Here are these 5 tips I would like to share.


1) Make Easy to share content

Make it simple for users to share your content on social media.

Add “Share This” buttons to any blog post, infographic, video, podcast, or any other engaging content you produce.

When you make it easy to share your content on social media, people will be far more likely to do so.

You can install a plug-in that adds share buttons on every page of your website, especially if you’re using a CMS which supports it.


2) Make sure your content looks good when shared on social

There’s an added step beyond just buttons which enable users to share your content – you have to also make sure the content looks inviting, once a user goes to share it.

Have you ever gone to share something on Facebook, only to find that the thumbnail or title was missing?

Chances are you probably stopped in your tracks and didn’t share it – that’s why, as a digital marketer, it’s so key that you take the time to ensure that when someone attempts to share your content, it looks like it’s supposed to.

Mark up the Open Graph tags with a super-clickable headline, and attention-grabbing image which fits the proper dimensions of each network. You must have heard clickbait!


3) Lead traffic from the website to your social media accounts

Having social icons which link out to your various social profiles is an easy way to broadcast your social media presence to your website traffic.

Ideally, you should add them prominently above the fold, so it’s impossible for your visitors to miss them.


4) Facebook Chatbot is to your go-to option

Do you know those customer chat widgets that pop up on the bottom of a website? You can take them to the next level with a Facebook Messenger website widget.

It functions the same way as a normal website chat, but with an added bonus – every time a customer chats with you, they have to opt-in to Facebook Messenger communications.

That means you can get contact information from them, and follow up with them down the road. Every time someone talks with you via site chat, you’ll automatically gain a new Facebook Messenger contact, and that’s a huge win.


5) Enable your comments

Enabling comments on your content enables users to interact with you directly from your site.

The comments section of popular posts can host great discussions – just make sure your comment plug-in or widget has a way to automatically filter spam, so the comments section doesn’t get overwhelmed with junk.


Well there other conventional and non-conventional methods to bring traffic to social and if you know few on them. Why not jam?
Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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