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VIDEO CONTENT IS KING – Tips to Crack Social Media Video Content

Video content has exploded on all our social media feed for the past one year, hasn’t it? Well, that’s how it’s going to be as videos have proven to be so effective that it’s safe to say that video content is the king!

Video is proving to be the best way to promote your content on social media. Some of the factors that go into making a video effective are the “easy to consume” and mobile-friendly nature. The easy to share nature of videos is another reason for their increased usage in social media. If the video goes viral, then it’s just icing on the cake!

Now that you know the extent of video content consumption, are you ready to take the plunge into the world of social media videos? If your answer is yes, let us take you through some amazing tips that’ll make your video content shine in today’s clutter!


Plan your strategy in advance
There is a lot that can go wrong if a video content strategy is executed in a hasty manner. From the wrong audience targeting to poor choice of platform, from video quality to edits and production, there are many avenues where video content will take time to develop or go wrong. Hence it is of utmost importance to plan it in advance for easier and flawless execution.


Tell an engaging story
At the heart of every Video Content ever made is a story. A story that is meant to be told. A story that needs to be shared. A Story that you care about. And if this story is not showcased in an interesting manner, people will skip your video in a jiffy! A great story creates a comfortable bond between the person and the brand. Successful video content aims to do just that!


First 5-8 seconds are extremely crucial
With every other brand vying for consumer’s attention, it is becoming increasingly difficult for brands to make their video content noticed. Social Media has further reduced our attention span. To keep the audience engaged, the initial 8-10 seconds of your video content has to be interesting & engaging to keep the watcher engaged and hooked. If it doesn’t, be prepared for your audience to move on to other videos.


Short video content
Keep the video short & simple. No one, and we repeat, no one has the time to spend more than 5 minutes on one single piece of video content. This is the age of quick video consumption & hence your video content needs to be short, on point and engaging.


Use subtitles
Apart from making it easier to consume your video for foreign or hard of hearing the audience, subtitles help in another way.
Most of the video content is consumed by the audience while on the move in trains, buses or various other modes of public transport. While it is preferable for us marketers that the audience consumes the video in its entirety, it is possible that they may not have access to earphones and hence subtitles play an important role in this scenario. It is considered impolite to play mobile videos on speaker and hence subtitles come in handy.


Quality Content
Remember – Quality over Quantity. By quality, we mean the entire aspect of your video content – right from the quality of the video to the story elements. Your video has to be top-notch to keep the audience engaged after you’ve caught their attention. To get your audience to fully consume your video, the video has to be a high-quality video content piece.


Choose your platform wisely
Different social media platforms have different video content lengths permissible for posting. Facebook allows for 240 minutes of video while Instagram lets us share a video of 60 seconds max. Hence it is important to consider the suitable platform for your video content in advance and curate it accordingly.


Use Animations/Caricatures
Animated videos catch the attention quickly can be used to present information in an interesting and simplified manner. Animated videos are increasing in popularity as one cannot always possess the necessary original video or images. Hence it is easier to create an animation to present your ideas in a clear and concise manner.


Call –to – Action is a must!
One of the most important things to include in your video content – a call to action! If you do not include this, your audience will have consumed the video without knowing what to do next. Include a call to action to let them know the actual purpose of the video or what needs to be done by the audience to complete the purpose of the video.

Here are a few examples of videos that have followed some or all of the tips mentioned above:

Surf Excel #RangLaayeSang | This Holi, let colours bring us together!

Surf Excel #RangLaayeSang | This Holi, let colours bring us together!

Jagao Apne Sapno Ko – With Tata Tea Premium

Jagao Apne Sapno Ko - With Tata Tea Premium

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