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Google tricks to increase your productivity

Do you think you know everything Google is capable of? Do give it a thought.

Google has been so much more than just a mere search engine – these days, you can use it to do anything from converting currencies to knowing some fun facts when you’re bored, all without ever leaving the confines of it.

In this article, we’ll look at fifteen tricks, including lesser-known facts, time-savers and search shortcuts, which may help you save your valuable time and boost your productivity.


Use it as a Timer and Stopwatch

You can use Google as a timer or stopwatch with a simple query.

Enter a search phrase like “set timer for 15 minutes” and you’ll see it do just that


Pinpoint the Time of Sunrise and Sunset

Enter “sunrise in” or “sunset in” followed by a geographic location to find out what time you can expect the sun to rise or set.

For example: “Sunset in New Delhi.”


Find the Origin of Any Word

Want to know the etymology of a word?

Type “Etymology + word” to discover the origin of any word


Use “OR” Operator to Find Two Different Things At Once

Search for two different things at once with the OR operator

For example: “iPhone OR Android.”


Find Related Websites

If you’re looking for websites related to a specific website, use “”

For example: “”


TBT: Google in 1998

Type “Google in 1998” and the search engine will automatically show you how the search engine looked like the year it was created.


Use AND Operator to Get Results Containing Two Specific Items

If you’re looking for search results that contain both two of your queries, use the AND operator.

For example: “fries AND burger.”


Books Written by Favorite Authors

If you’re looking for books written by a specific author, simply type in “books written by + author name.”

For example: “books written by J.K. Rowling.”

You’ll get a carousel showcasing their work.


Convert Currencies

Google can help you with how much one currency is in another currency.

Type in “amount + currency A to currency B.”

For example: “20 USD to INR.”


Use it to Calculate a Tip

Search for “tip calculator” to have Google help you with calculating exactly how much you should leave as a tip.


Search by File Type

You may be searching for a particular file type.

Enter “query + filetype:extension.”

For example: “Truecaller filetype:apk.”


 Newspaper Archive

It is pretty much the most comprehensive online news file there is.

You can read newspapers from 1798 to the present day from all over the world.


Timeline History

You can use Google Timeline History to see where you’ve been at a particular date and time.

If you need to be able to track your own whereabouts, then this is a powerful tool.



Google Trends is an excellent tool for identifying the hottest topics at the moment from around the world.

You can use trends to determine relevant topics to incorporate into your content strategy.


And the last but not the least.


Do a Barrel Roll

If you haven’t tried this yet, get on it.

Type “do a barrel roll” into Google and watch the magic unfold.


Last but not the least you do know that Google’s social media platform Google+ will be shutting down on the 2nd of April.