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Women’s Day Special – I am a #WOman

Women’s Day it is!

8th of March indeed when we celebrate women for a day, so does it means all other days belong to us men? I mean really, do we deserve this? Is there any reason to celebrate at all, if so we should… shouldn’t we? So many questions right, don’t worry you won’t think the way I am doing right now or will never know what every woman goes through each and every day of her life.

Hey Ladies, I want to tell you that I wish every day that I could understand you and your emotions, your thoughts and your decisions. I am saying this out loud that I can’t even live a single day the way you do. The pressure you feel, the responsibilities you take and the choices you make are all commendable. That’s the way the question arises, why do we deserve respect from them? They are more capable than us, they are more courageous than us and to top all of that they still live and thrive in this male-dominated society. Still, it kills every day that we hear news of something wrong happening with women, somewhere in the world. So many women had to struggle to just speak up what they went through when the whole #MeToo campaign came out, it was so hard to believe that so many known people were involved in such appalling things. But it helped in one sense, it helped us believe that yes we still live in a filthy society even in this era.  Nothing is excusable, there have been so many times when I have gone overboard with some silly joke with my friends, colleagues or even really close female friend (I hope you know what I mean). I just want to say to all of them, that I am really sorry. I really am and I respect your decision to forgive me or not. Trust me, when I say that didn’t realize what kind of joke would hurt you so, it’s my silliness which is at fault. I am trying to improve and trying to better myself so that next time I would get respect in your eyes for me. That’s what I am going to do today, I promise to be a better man. Masculinity is just a thing I am born with like my eyes or ears or mouth, it is not my chauvinism to brag about. We were created equal and it will forever be the same for me. Yes, I have presented a few ideas on women’s day for my brands but that came after I decided to be a responsible man. So what my brands are doing is a reflection of how we treat women in general and would like people to know, what actually women’s day stands for!

The world wouldn’t be happy, fun-filled and a smiling place if we don’t learn how to match up with women. Act up people, clean yourself and remove the prejudice once and for all. For me, every day is a women’s day and it will be forever “Yeh sirf naya hindustan nahi hai… Yeh yahaan pe rehenewali nayi daur ki hindustaani naari hai, yeh sirf sunayegi nahi yeh aukaat pe bhi leke aayegi”. I am because of every woman who believed me and made me what I am. I am a part of her, I am a #WOman.