TikTok is the new big thing for brands!

TikTok is the new big thing for brands!

TikTok is the new big thing for brands!

TikTok previously known as Musical.ly is a rage among the youth!

Just day before, I was with my a very young cousin…. He is way more talented and Intelligent already! He is 13, just breaking into his teen years. He has a phone which his parents have given him (for “calling or messaging him on urgent basis” purposes, ofcourse!) which amazingly has way more number of apps than what I have and some of them are actually so good that they could help me. You see everyday, it’s a new lease to life – learning something new. Spare my thought, I get distracted way too often. So one such app (which we all know but ignore) was suprisingly his one of the favorite ones. I asked him, what do you like on that? His answer couldn’t break my mind’s piggybank, his answer involved a lot of filmy dialogues and acting lessons. I had a eureka moment, finally I found someone like me in my family – a true bollywood diva! But the dream soon shattered and he taught me some really cook tricks, which being a social media manager I couldn’t figure out till date! (Once I even paid money for it)

This made me believe, that’s how TikTok is the next big thing for all the brands! Ask me how?

1. It is Viral like hell!

In the age group from 11 to 22 almost everyone has atleast once downloaded the app and watched the videos. Admit it that even though you don’t have an account or are an inactive user but love watching those funny videos. Many of them have crossed social media platform boundaries and have found a way to reach on Instagram and Facebook. Everybody loves sharing them, with every passing day the content generation is rising and so is the viewership. Since it being a video first platform, it has huge popularity… Everyone loves watching funny, interesting and sometimes even beautiful (If you know, what I mean! 😉 ) videos. Video is the content king at the moment and TikTok seems to the ever so rising strong head of the content publishing platforms.

The funny videos help themselves improving the viral factor 3 times, beauty is near by as well. Youth easily get attracted to the glossy and glamorous content of TikTok very easily.


2.  Rapidly growing platform

Musical.ly acqusition and a recent investment has given the boost to TikTok to make it bigger. The results are already out, the number of TikTok downloads have surpassed Instagram with over 1 Billion downloads, worldwide and India is a huge market which they are catering to currently.

TikTok Users


3) TikTok is smart!

The application’s interface is not very complicated actually, you just need to have a curious mind like a teenager’s to crack it! So in many sense, credit is due to the creators and managers of TikTok to keep the app look ever so appealing. The introduction of tools designed to keep users safe from harassment and misuse. TikTok has already launched many options to filter unwanted attention and to control the profile’s privacy and data. They are also educating the users on how to actually use the platform and on how to ensure safety to the younger audience.

Sounds smart right!


4) TikTok hits the sweet demographic spot

When everyone was fighting to get the top spot from Facebook in the social media world, TikTok silently made its mark by not targeting everyone. They targeted just the right audience, they build a solid base for youngsters. All the campaigns which they focused on the same aspect and appealed to the youngsters. It’s focused on the front camera and on viral video content, which enabled millions of millennials to become TikTok stars. All this without the need for a production studios or high level equipment which are the keys to grow in platforms like Youtube and Instagram.

Bang on the sweet spot!

TikTok Users


5) Influencer Marketing is currently cheap!

The app has been like a boon for small brands to setup their identity among the young users. Influencer marketing has been a real big audience puller everytime. But with cut throat competition, influencer marketing on twitter/facebook or instagram has gone rouge with sky touching prices. TikTok influencers know their range and that can ideally fit to your pockets as well. The “ROI” (as what the brand managers love to say) is relatively high, since you are reaching to a dedicated audience which will engage.


Needless to say, TikTok is indeed a rage among youth and now it is becoming feasible for brands from a promotional point of view as well. Great days ahead, indeed!

So some of us, who might be reading this blog, (I hope!) should go beyond convention and think of ideas of how you can promote your brand through this wildfire like channel instead of just laughing at those filmy videos… BTW they are just hilarious!! 😛







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