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7 Ways to Fight the Decline in Organic Reach on Social Media

Organic reach on social media is how well your posts are performing without any promotions (money-boost). And with algorithm changes at Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it’s in decline. As time goes on, it seems like the organic reach on social platforms continues to decline further and further, even when it already feels like you are only reaching to a minuscule section of your audience with each of your posts. In this article, we have compiled some helpful tactics that will help you combat the decline of organic reach on social media platforms, and also maintain your referral traffic numbers.


  1. Know the algorithms

The first & the foremost trick for getting over a decline in organic reach on social media is to learn about the algorithms on various social media platforms that you’re currently using for your respective brands.

In a generalized social world, social platform algorithms are based on three basic concepts:

Recency – How long ago you had published a post.

Relevancy – How relevant your posts are to your audience.

Engagement – How your audience reacts to posts you have published (likes, comments & shares).

Each social media platform has its own nuances when it comes to how it distributes content but think about these basic concepts and how you can apply them to your social media content and marketing strategies. Once you learn these elements, you can incorporate other creative ways to play into each element of the algorithms and use them in your benefit.


  1. Create unique content for each platform:

Creating unique content for each social media platform your brand is active on is another exceptional strategy to contest the decline in organic reach on social media network.

Use your platform-specific tools for example (Instagram Stories, poll stickers on Instagram Stories, Twitter Moments, etc.) to create more engagement within each social network. By doing this we can disrupt just posting images and videos and give followers an extra reason to follow our business on each platform.


  1. Influencer marketing:

Associating with influencers isn’t an instant & easy task, but it can be another option to fight the decline in organic social media reach.

The mystery is to find the right influencers. Influencers who are relevant to your target audience, and will attract the right audience for your business. You should do intense research, but once influencer campaigns kick off the ground, you will open the door to more traffic, eyes, and reach on social media.


  1. Consistency

One sure way to fight the decline of organic reach is remaining consistent active on all your social media platforms.

This points towards being consistent in your posting frequency, consistency in your messaging and the look/feel of your brand accounts.


  1. Analytics:

Analytics is my personal favorite – but how can they help fight the decline of organic reach on your social media?

Make it an obsession to take a look at your analytics regularly, and keep track of them. You can use third party tools, as we use our own analytics trackers. Pay attention to what’s trending, and try to re-create those things. Stop spending time on things that don’t work out.


Organic reach is not dead yet. But we are absolutely seeing a shift and a consistent decline over time. Don’t blame the algorithms. The only appropriate way to fight this decline in organic reach is to build a solid & strong followers base. Also, concentrate on engaging and serving your unique audience so more organic reach will follow.