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Whatsapp just turned 10!

WhatsApp has actually reached everyone! Is there anyone in your family circles or even work circle, not on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp world is truly here! The most favoured text chatting platform for everyone, all you need for it to work is just a good working internet.

An average Indian spends close to 3 hours on Whatsapp daily. That is a lot of time, captured by just one application.

WhatsApp, which was launched 10 years ago, was launched as a simple person-to-person messaging platform, but over the years, we saw them introduce numerous updates that made WhatsApp, the world’s most used texting app. Here are the most notable ones, to start of with:

Up until Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2015, they were just playing catch-up with the other messaging apps. But after they joined hands, things started evolving rapidly. The speed at which new features started rolling out accelerated, and it truly became more than just a messaging platform.

Features like group calling took a dig at the dated method of adding friends to a conference call. Live location sharing made communicating with friends a lot simpler, and also added a new layer of safety. WhatsApp Payments was genius, not only did it get rid of the unnecessary procedure of transferring money but also, eliminated the need to check back if the person received the amount. Status Stories emulated Snapchat’s marquee feature and made it mainstream.

Honestly, it’s impossible to imagine life without WhatsApp. It’s been a true disruptor that overtook its rival by providing a much better, simpler and easier experience, without succumbing to the pressure of ads. That could change in the near future.

WhatsApp changed the way we communicate. With almost 300 million users, it has penetrated rural India in a way, very few other apps have. There are people who buy smartphones just to be able to access WhatsApp and stay connected to their close ones.

They have had their own share of troubles too, especially around the spread of incorrect information that snowballed into bigger issues in the country. Amidst the security and political issues of India, the unmonitored nature of WhatsApp has posed as a threat by creating confusion between what’s right and what’s propaganda. The government is trying to set measures in place, but that’s easier said than done.

Well, I am sure they too are thinking about how to continue growing and get more users onboard while keeping the authorities satisfied. It is expected that WhatsApp will also figure out newer ways to monetize the billions of users it has accumulated over the last decade, without compromising on the next billion.

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