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Facebook Launching ‘Clear History’ Feature

Facebook and their data privacy issues are like a match made in heaven. They had literary hit the headlines every week, with every time some new hot buzz and gossips. Presuming of putting an end to all of these problems, Facebook is planning to launch a “Clear History” tool, where they claim they will get rid of every bit of data they recorded about us, on their own platform as well as third-party sources associated with Facebook.

Facebook CFO David Wehner has confirmed through sources that the feature will be made available later this year, more than a year after CEO Mark Zuckerberg originally announced about it. Facebook collects loads of data about its users to serve better content and targeted ads, based on our interests.

This measure will definitely raise some questions on how Facebook fundamentally works, and could also see a decline in app usage. Basically, people could start using the app a lot fewer, if they don’t come across relevant or enjoyable content. But at this stage, this is an important step that Facebook NEEDS to take, to gain some user trust back.

This is an almost desperate situation for Facebook. Privacy advocates have long been asking for more transparency and control over what Facebook stores information about its users. Ad revenues could also take a major hit, or become a lot more expensive, depending on how many users prefer to live in ghost mode.

Facebook is undeniably by far, the biggest social media platform in the world, with over 2 billion users. Seeing them take this step could encourage other platforms to also be more responsible with user data. Experts say that data is one of the most valuable resources that a company can have. That makes Facebook, one of the richest entities of the world.

Do you trust Facebook with your personal information being stored on your personal profile?

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