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Job seekers, good news! You just got Linkedified! ;)

When there is a problem of plenty and the competition is tough. You need a helping hand and LinkedIn has emerged as your Digital Marketing world’s Batman! They have lots of surprises to through at you. This will help any job seekers informed of newly advertised positions, and provide more context on the skills sought for their ideal roles.

First off, on notifications – LinkedIn’s launching a new mobile push alert option for members who’ve signalled that they’re actively looking for a new role. Now, as soon as new jobs related to your chosen criteria are posted, you can be notified, enabling you to take action straight away, and ideally get ahead of the pack. Mobile Marketing sorted!


Linkedin Job Seekers Screenshot


Users can sign up for these notifications by ticking that they’re actively looking for a job on their dashboards and ensuring that mobile notifications are turned on.
In addition, LinkedIn is also adding new ‘Job Title Highlights’, which will provide users with more insight into specific job roles, including the top skills that people working in these positions have, top companies hiring for them, and your connections with the same role.


Job seekers Linkedin Feature


As you can see, the new insights are listed on the search page for a specific job title:

“To access these insights, go to the search bar via the LinkedIn desktop browser, and type in a specific job title, such as software engineer, accountant, or biologist. Click “enter” – these insights won’t show up if you click anything from the drop-down menu. Once the search results populate, you’ll see a new module in the right rail of the page that shows highlights for that specific job title.”

Details will provide more context to assist your job search efforts, and get you closer to your ideal position.

And finally, LinkedIn is also providing more pathways to boosting your professional skills, with relevant LinkedIn Learning courses highlighted in job search queries.


LinkedIn Job Seekers Features


The tools add more context and direction to on-platform job searches, which will help job seekers better understand what they need to do to get to the next stage of their careers. And with 100 million job applications posted via LinkedIn every month, the tools will no doubt see significant use. It’s another way for the platform to utilize its unmatched professional database which provides guidance and assistance for the job seeker.

That’s how you get Linkedified on social media! 😉