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Canapure Canola Oil


Canapure is a Canola Oil brand fairly new in the market, making a name for itself. The primary objective or challenge was to make people aware about the existence of a healthy oil brand in the market. We wanted to pull their attention towards the health benefits of Canola oil.

Solution Provided:

The idea was simple – to make Canapure Canola oil your everyday oil for cooking. We Indians love deep fried snacks, so latching on to it, we developed an entire range of mouthwatering fried snacks made in Canapure oil. Targeting housewives, bachelors, health conscious people and fitness freaks to now enjoy their favorite snacks fried in Canola oil.

We started posting small DIY videos of cooking all these dishes with Canapure oil. Along with it, we targeted the essence of every Indian with #FoodsOfIndia – their home state food, food which they have loved and are missing it now.

The engagement was crazy throughout with total views on all the dishes reaching close to 15K on around 10 videos.