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Do You Even Care? – iBreast Exam

iBreast Exam is an innovative and exemplary breast cancer detection device. Developed by UE Lifesciences, the brief was simple – to create awareness on breast cancer and encourage people to opt for an early breast cancer detection.

The Problem: In the course of spreading awareness, the main problem that we faced was that people had to be convinced to opt of an early detection exam. We had to make them believe that they needed the exam.


#DoYouEvenCare – We developed this concept to make people understand the importance of early breast cancer detection. Vulgarity/obscenity always catches everyone’s eye on social media. Whenever you mention boobs or something similar, you catch people’s attention instantly. We wanted a similar attention grabbing concept when it came to #DoYouEvenCare. We began our campaign one day prior to World Cancer Day with a post saying if you stare at these 2 dots for 30 seconds and then look at a wall near you, you’ll see boobs. And guess what, it worked the way we wanted. People started with the angry comments, laughed on us and continued to troll us. Little did they knew, we had done this on purpose with a single objective in mind – to grab people’s attention.
We let the trolling session continue for an entire day and then, on World Cancer Day, we posted a creative with the hashtag #DoYouEvenCare with the 2 dots right in the center of it. Our message was clear – you spent so much time looking at the dots and imagining things, you’d have taken similar time and effort in taking the women in your life for breast cancer detection. It hardly takes 20 minutes. Instead of arguing / trolling on social media for hours, do something worthwhile. Encourage the ladies in your life to opt for an early breast cancer detection exam. Show that #YouDoCare.
This was an amazing start to our awareness campaign and we followed it up with an engaging #PitchUpInPink campaign.

The results were amazing. Organically we got more than 50 shares. Reactions crossed 1000 organically within 3 days. The media led promotion meant we reached maximum number of people in a very short span of time.

Our motive of making people understand the importance of Breast Cancer was achieved on #WorldCancerDay .