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Routes 2 Roots

Challenges Given: Routes 2 Roots is a Non-Profit & Non-Commercial Organization striving to offer the knowledge of different forms of Arts like that of Dance and Music through digital medium by launching its first interactive classes for school children, known as VIRSA. The challenge that was in front was of reaching young audience through Social Media platforms.They wanted to spread the awareness of peace and cultural diplomacy and also wanted to impart the knowledge of arts through their first interactive classes.

Solutions Provided: On the digital front it was very important to tap into the right audience with right messaging. The art and dance classes organized by VIRSA are through some of the most renowned artists. These artists have good social media presence themselves, we tag them and their fan clubs to attract audience. Along with we attracted a lot of fan pages of Indian cultural & arts background who encourage such noble cause. We started posting small snippets on everyday basis to give a glimpse of classes so that people know what are we we proposing here and how people can learn through online platforms. Awareness is the key here as we want people to know what are these classes and how easy is to learn, you just have to give time. The response that we received was tremendous, people started watching these videos and inquiries started increasing threefold. We intend to keep doing the good work in the coming months as well.Social Media Properties Managed: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.Within 3 months we increased organic Likes on the page by almost 1500 +Twitter and Instagram also gained close to 100 + organic followers.