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Mothers Against Flu – Sanofi Pasteur

Challenges Given:
Mothers Against Flu (MAF), an initiative by Sanofi Pasteur, Indiawas willing to increase awareness about flu through Indian mothers. The mission of MAF was to spread awareness and provide mothers a platform to discuss ways to protect children.

Solutions Adopted:
• Reaching out to Indian mothers between 21-40 age group
• Building a community where users participate and connect than pushing data from brand
• Mix of educate and engage content strategy to attract TG to interact
• Created ‘9 Steps to Cure Flue’ audio-visual application to educate mothers about risk of flu

Social Media Management Properties Managed: Facebook and Youtube

Campaign Result:
• No of Likes increased from 0 to 52,000
• More than 10% organic growth of LIKES
• Approx 20% users participation on day-to-day basis
• Successful and eager crowd turned out in the on-ground events held in Delhi and Mumbai
The campaign also won 2 silver awards for communication and adaptation of New Media.