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How Content is different for every Social Media Platform?

The most important aspect of Content Marketing is content is not the same for all social media platforms. All social platforms should not be treated equally with respect to the content we share on them.

Whenever planning a social strategy, always access each platform as its own. Find where your target audience is and, create content both for your audience and for the platform itself. Study says that the core function of each platform elevates certain topics because of the native format.

This is a pivotal point as pictures, videos and other quality visuals will always fit well on Instagram, but may not align with your Twitter presence.

So the real question arises is that how can your brand serve content across multiple platforms which will work for each space?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before churning out the content –

Who are you trying to reach?

On which platforms are they on?

What content do they like to consume on that platform specifically?

Which content can I share on each platform to naturally fit into their feed?


Let’s look into one example to simplify this confusion.

I am following Zomato India on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter. The content they share on each platform varies. They know that their audience is the same but their audience will choose to follow them on different platforms for different reasons.

On Facebook, they share offers, new ventures, Gold Membership, etc posts to keep the engagement with the relevant audience. Also, they share articles with their own opinion, ideas or inspiration written out in the caption.

On Twitter, they tweet similar content that they share on Facebook (which are shared similar on both the platforms), but they also add in fun tweets into the mix.

On Instagram, they stick to happy images with short, witty captions.

Be smart about the platforms you choose to join as a brand and dedicate time to each platform individually. It’s always better to have one strong social media presence than to join multiple platforms.

In this way, variations in content serve one common purpose. And also it keeps the audience engaged in your social media activity.

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