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Predicting the future of social media is always fun. The sector is changing almost daily, with new tools and utilities being rolled out, adding more ways to connect, track and maximize your online marketing performance. So here are some trend predictions

Facebook Messenger has always been your most trusted and go to medium for chatting. But since the time Facebook developed a new app for messenger admit it, you actually hate it. Because first of all you don't want to leave

Bolo app is the latest Google has released (which translates literally to ‘speak’ in Hindi) which has been designed to help children learn both Hindi and English. Bolo works without an internet connection, making it much more accessible once downloaded even

WhatsApp has actually reached everyone! Is there anyone in your family circles or even work circle, not on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp world is truly here! The most favoured text chatting platform for everyone, all you need for it to work